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Taaza Khoon / Fresh Blood

Fiction Short / Released

When a young South Asian girl is forced into the sex trade, she must choose her path to freedom even if it involves a vampire. TAAZA KHOON (FRESH BLOOD) is a horror/drama about the forced illegal immigration experience sold to countless people, especially girls and women, in developing countries on the premise of the “American Dream”.

The film played at 25+ film festivals across the world, including 2018 Nashville Film Festival, and won 7 awards including Best Narrative Short and Best Horror Short. It picked up distribution in November 2018 through Shorts TV India and is now available to watch online!

Watch the full film on The Future of Film is Female streaming: 

Cast & Crew

Also available on:


Writer, Director

Richa Rudola


Vishwas, Nashwa Zaman, Nikki Chawla

Producer, Editor

Nikolai Metin

Taaza Khoon Poster3 July2018.jpg
Taaza Khoon Still 1.png
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