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Richa is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker from India. Her films TAAZA KHOON (FRESH BLOOD), about vampirism and sex trafficking, and THE SEAL, starring notable Bollywood actress Shahana Goswami, have screened at 45+ festivals around the world and won 10+ awards. As an artist, she has been supported by The Future Of Film Is Female, New York Stage & Film, Tasveer, Stowe Narrative Lab, and Diverse Intelligence Summer Institute. Her work has been profiled in Women & Hollywood, Brown Girl Magazine, New York Women in Film & Television podcast, among others. On the festival side, she has served on the jury for Tasveer South Asian Film Festival and programmed for Greenpoint Film Festival and Queens World Film Festival.

With a multifaceted background in consulting and risk management, Richa combines analytical power with emotional storytelling to create thought-provoking cinema with a heart. Her films often explore themes of consciousness, identity, and the afterlife. She is dedicated to helping people open up to new perspectives, devoted to authenticity, driven by intellectual curiosity, and has it out for bad time management.

Creative synthesis lies at the core of all her work. Richa’s current projects include a neuroscience-focused story which won Best Hour Pilot at the 2020 Nashville Film Festival and was on Coverfly’s RED List of 2021 TV Dramas; a genre anthology piece for the Open Door Film Project, and a film about the balancing act of motherhood. She has served in leadership roles to film organizations such as Pano and Filmshop. 

She is drawn to stories of courage, even more as a new mother. Some skills she’s proud of include: cooking up delicious meals by making specific tweaks to recipes that she later forgets, the ability to match the pitch of any melody, and coming up with uniquely embarrassing nicknames for loved ones.  


Photo Credit: Snigdha Kapoor

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